Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Legacy of Tadeusz Kowalik

Gavin Rae over at Beyond the Transition has an excellent piece on the legacy of Polish economist Tadeusz Kowalik.  Kowalik was a notable opponent of both the dictatorial socialism of the People's Republic of Poland and the neoliberal capitalism that replaced it. Kowalik opposed the brutal "shock- therapy"reforms that replaced central planning in Poland along with the betrayal of the original ideals that motivated the Solidarity movement. Definitely a must read.


  1. Very interesting read, John! Thanks for posting!

    I am also increasingly disappointed with what has become of the Solidarity movement in Poland - Lech Walesa having given his support to Romney and all that. The priest at my church seemed to think it was because the Poles tend to wrongly revere Reagan as their steadfast supporter, and thus converted en masse to neoliberal capitalism; but it's certainly interesting to read that such a transition had its critics. I should do more research on this Dr Kowalik!

  2. Hello Matthew,

    Thank you for the very kind comments! I would agree with the priest at your church. Poland is a unique case given the way communism was imposed by a rival, hostile nation. The Baltic States are in a somewhat similar situation. Nationalism tends to drown out other concerns, which allows neoliberalism to reign free, despite all of the damage it has caused people in these countries.