Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lincoln and the Confucians

Matthew Franklin Cooper has an extremely interesting post on his blog, "Matt's Existential Musings," discussing the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln, the Confucians, and more! A really tremendous read.


  1. Thanks for the link love, John!

    Sorry about the polemic nature of that post... It's just one of those quirks of American politics that gets on my nerves. There's this really weird Gone-With-the-Wind nostalgia regarding the Old South among the localists and agrarians with whom I share a large overlap of political beliefs.

    In reality, though, behind the facade of Old World tradition the place was every bit as capitalist, globalist and industrial as the North (except the industry in question was agriculture - King Cotton - rather than manufacturing). In reality, also, Lincoln was no daemonic tyrant but rather a flawed, passionate and very human leader.

    The North was nowhere near perfect or really all that much better when it came to race relations, but naturally, in all things there are degrees.

    Look forward to reading your update, and thanks again!

    All the best,

  2. My pleasure! I agree with your arguments regarding the American Civil War. I used to read a lot of paleoconservative publications, but their often uncritical stance towards the Old South irked me, among other things.