Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Destructive Cult

Paul Krugman has a great blog post on the Cult of Centrism that is ruining the United States. Definitely worth a read.  


  1. Good find,
    So really, the problem with "Centrism" is that the "center" has been moved far to the American "right". "Right-wing" politics somehow became the norm, so anything that deviated from that became extreme and unreasonable. Some people say that Dick Nixon would be a Democrat today, which really reflects how the political "left" has also been moved. And really, the current problem is that the "center" is being moved again. The Tea Party and Fox News shout "socialism!" to all of Obama's policies and even to anything that slightly reflects social justice. As Krugman correctly points out, Obama is a staunch "centrist", which would make him a conservative in an American sense from the 90's or so. There is so much consensus to be a "centrist", but what good is that when the "center" keeps being moved?

    Behold, the danger of the narrow-minded political spectrum, where left-right-center are your only labels.

  2. Hello CA,

    Great comment. I completely agree with you.