Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowplow Socialism

The always excellent David Lindsay on Great Britain's winters and the need for infrastructure investment. For all the right-wingers that hate government spending but always complain about the lack of snowplows, the ruined roads, the lack of alternatives to automobile transportation, and price gouging by private utility companies, all I have to say is you get what you pay for. You can't have the benefits of a modern, advanced country and not want to pay for it. The result of this sort of thinking is the current deficit.

In the United States, Ronald Reagan was the man who started the "have your cake and eat it too" philosophy that has been so attractive to American conservative voters. Americans need to realize that if we want to have good public infrastructure (as opposed to private infrastructure owned by private price gougers) they need to pay for it with taxes.


  1. Every time there falls snow and frosty weather comes to London, the entire city grinds to a halt. This never occurs in the Czech Republic where I am from. The cities slow down but keep running anyway.

  2. Hi Mr. Tomicek,

    That is quite interesting. What would you say accounts for this difference? Are the Czechs generally more dedicated to good public services? This seems to be the case on the European continent, as opposed to the United States and (as I understand it) Great Britain, where anti-government ideology is more powerful.

  3. I would say our neighbours, the Austrians, are way ahead of us in that respect. The roads there are simply cleaner in winter, we are simply not as wealthy as they are and far more corrupt.

    I would not say that the issue in Britain is anti-statism per se. The British state is more massive than Czech. It is a question of priorities and I would say the British have things messed up. They cut healthcare and education while they should be cutting off all those useless NGOs they give money to.